Take a Stand

Why We Must Act

All have rallied together to help form SADA in an effort to protect and promote military assets and prevent closures of installations throughout Southern Arizona.

Proposed budget cuts by the federal government, mandated by sequestration and other budget decreases, could threaten our military assets and result in base closures throughout our region. The retirement of the F-16 could drastically impact the 162nd Fighter Wing, which is currently the home of the International F-16 Training Center for the U.S. Air Force. The F-35 will replace the F-16, and it is imperative we convince the Air Force to make Tucson the new international pilot training home of the F-35.

To make matters worse, the Air Force has announced plans to retire the A-10, the main aircraft stationed at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. This could prove disastrous for DM and our community, unless an alternative primary mission replaces the A-10.

Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, the Yuma Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma Proving Ground and the Arizona National Guard Silverbell Army Heliport in Marana all potentially could be impacted by budget cuts.

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